Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses

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Your choice of online casinos is likely to depend on many different factors, such as where your friends play, personal recommendations or just the fact that they are at the top of a Google search. However, you should take far more care when choosing your site because it can have a major impact on the most important factor of all: how much money you can win. Here are some of the issues which you may face when choosing a favoured site.

The sign-up bonus – the online casino business is a cut-throat business and a site will be desperate for your money. Bearing this in mind, you shouldn’t settle for a site which doesn’t offer a sizeable Casino Bonus. Your focus should be on whether the casino offers a high percentage match or a high maximum payout. If you are going to be making a small deposit, then you need to find a high percentage match to maximise your potential returns – it is possible to get initial deposits doubled or tripled. However, if you are playing with larger stakes, then you want to make sure that you can withdraw your possible winnings.

Wagering requirements – All casinos have them and you should be aware of them before you sign up. Although they vary from site to site, there are a couple of strategies which will serve you well on almost any site.

The first is to focus on games where the house has only a small advantage – Craps is a good example where the house has only a 2-3% advantage over the punter. Playing these kinds of games you are more likely to be in the black when your sign-on bonus runs out.

The second is to “hedge” your bets. Hedging your bets means betting on all possible outcomes in order to avoid losing. A classic example is betting on both red and black at the roulette wheel. Unfortunately many online casinos don’t allow hedge betting, especially with sign-on bonuses, but some of the newer sites do, so it’s definitely worth shopping around and paying close attention to the rules and regulations.

Expiry limits – Keep an eye on yours! The sign-on bonus offers a major advantage to the gambler, the one thing you really must do is to take full advantage of them and you can’t do this if the bonus expires before you can take full advantage of it. This also feeds into a general piece of advice which is to pay very close attention to the terms and conditions. Online casino sites need to grab your attention and your money but if they are too generous then they’re going to go out of business. A final point while talking about the fine print is to make sure you match the casino’s wagering requirements, which may involve depositing extra funds.

These bonuses offer a unique opportunity to gain an edge on the house – don’t let it get away through lack of attention to detail.