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Yahoo Email Deliverability Solutions


Yahoo email deliverability problems and issues are the largest among all the other free mail services combined. Time to see what makes Yahoo special and solutions to help you get past the server filters.

Of course you know what you want to achieve with your marketing plan, however, you might not be aware of any roadblocks that can prevent you from actualizing your aim.

The good thing about email marketing is that once your subscribers love your service/product, they will continue reading your ad campaigns and visit your website regularly. 

Now we need to talk about Yahoo email deliverability. Is there anything special about yahoo mail? Basically, all webmail providers should work the same way. Is that what you think?

Well, it doesn’t work that way. Yahoo is quite complicated and difficult than other providers in term of deliverability in email.

Obviously, every marketer would want to deliver their messages to the most complicated providers, for example Yahoo. And why would they want to deliver to such difficult provider?

The reason could be due to competition. How? Logically, when marketers find it difficult to deliver their ad campaigns to stubborn ISPs, they might be discouraged and look for more convenient and easy webmail providers that have simple delivery.

For this reason, the competition on that stubborn ISP (Yahoo in this case) will reduce, making it possible for the few marketers that deliver their message to get a good return.

Why is it difficult to deliver email to Yahoo users?

The first thing you need to know about Yahoo is that they use engagement statistics to determine IP and email sender reputation, and the number of emails they will allow that IP to deliver to their users, if at all they allow you to deliver messages to them. Now this has led us to another important question:

What determines user engagement statistics?

This is very important, as it will help you to prepare your message in the way that the users will like them. Listed below are some of the methods they use to determine user engagement statistics:

• The first thing is the number of users that open your message. This is where your email marketing skills are going to be useful. And the only thing that can help you is to write powerful headlines for your ad campaign. With good and captivating headline, the majority of your subscribers will open your message.

• Secondly, the number of users that read and click on the links. How do they know if users read my message? The thing is that if your message is worth the time, most of the users that click on the link might have read through the content.

With these two factors, Yahoo can decide whether users are engaging or not. In the event that users are not opening your messages, or clicking on the links, they may prevent your incoming message from being delivered.

What more, Yahoo gathers the following information:

Hard Bounces – the number of dead email addresses that you attempt to send messages to.
Continue Hard Bounces – sending messages to dead email addresses repeatedly.

Unsubscribes – the number of users that op-out from your list.

Complaint – the number of users that report your messages as spam.

How do you improve Yahoo email deliverability?

The first thing that can help you is to clean and validate your email list. Once you have validated your email list, make sure you remove inactive users. Again, you need to monitor user engagement. If a user doesn’t read or click your links after ending 5 consecutive messages, then you need to remove such user from your list.

Do not forget to craft your ad campaigns in the way that users will not be able to resist them. Focus on what they are looking to read and write headlines that will grab them by the throat.

Lastly, make sure that your IP and domain are trusted. Maintain a clean sender reputation and don’t spam your subscribers. These are the important solutions you need to do to enhance Yahoo email deliverability next time.

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