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True Email Validation


Email Validation is the process of using the TurboAutoResponder cleaning service, where we are providing you with an address-by-address validation and determining the deliverability of emails on your lists. True validation for email means we are the first service aligned with your email service providers’ deliverability and compliance policies as well as industry best practices preferred and recommended by the most email marketing platforms. This article is the most authoritative available on the subject so you are the right place to become a real expert yourself. 

With true validation, you can download your validated lists with status codes of how each email testing out during the process. As soon as your list is sent to us, we begin processing and can be ready in only a few hours for small lists. You can view the lead times here for your size list. Once a list is complete, you can review and import it back into your ESP.

TurboAutoResponder is the next generation of Email Validation. Your email list always stays in compliance and validated with industry best practices. Some mail servers will not return non-existent email address errors when performing a simple SMTP check. Our service goes further than SMPT with simulated sends to check if the mailbox is accepting new emails.

Make sure your list always stays in compliance with your email service provider’s policies. Keep your emails validated monthly. This accounts for a small portion of verified addresses. What is also likely is that your sending mail server has been blacklisted or is in an IP address range that has been blacklisted either by a recipient server or one of the blacklisting services.

Here are the industry terms to become a email validation expert. Learn them and love them. They include CSV, ESP, Hard Bounce, Deliverability, and Codes. In-depth descriptions and explanations are listed below.


CSV is a comma-separated value file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form and is widely used by consumers and business. We ask that you send your email lists in a .csv file format to keep things uniform. As a preferred Microsoft partner, our system is fully compatible with all CSV and Excel fields.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

An ESP is a company that offers email marketing services for a large number of customers, allowing you to send marketing campaigns to lists of users. The lists you clean with us work fully with all popular platforms including MailChimp, i-AutoResponder, Constant Contact, dotMailer, AWeber, iContact, and hundreds of others.

The “Hard Bounce” Rate

A hard bounce indicates a reason an email message cannot be delivered and most likely happens in the following cases: Recipient email address does not exist, an email server has completely blocked delivery, or the domain name at which you are attempting to send to does not exist any more.

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability refers to the highest probability of an email reaching an actual inbox and not a Spam folder. The deliverability status of each address within your email list affects the overall quality of the list.

Validation Codes

When you upload a list or link an account, every email within the list is validated and given specific status code assigned to that email. Good, Bad, or Unknown to keep validating simple and easy to understand.

When you want true email validation, start utilizing our service and get them deliverable. Have your additional questions answered here or contact us to take the conversation further.

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